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In December 2010 April and Steve Fritzen visited Costa Rica with a group as part of their most recent origin trips. On their trip they visited the farm of Oscar and Olga Mendez. Grown on the farm was coffee, fruits and other flowers. The Mendez farm was committed to producing their coffee with the Earth in mind, growing everything organically and sustainably. Out of more than 20 coffees that the Fritzens tasted in a blind test, the Genesis was selected. Only 120 bags of this coffee are produced each year and the Coffee Hound is lucky to have 5 of those. This coffee has quickly become a favorite of Coffee Hound customers and staff alike. This coffee, and this connection with a coffee farmer is exactly the direction the Coffee Hound wishes to go. Unfortunately our Genesis tasting party had to be postponed due to a small roaster fire, but plans are already in the works to make it happen. We will be featuring this fantastic coffee as a single-origin espresso and on pour-over.