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Today I just wanted to go over some of the things you can do with cold brew coffee, whether made at home or bought in one of our growlers.

Cold brew’s an incredibly versatile beverage that can be used to make lots of different drinks. For example, right now we’re producing our King Konga Citra-Hopped Cold Brew and a barrel aged cold brew, both available at all Coffee Hound locations. And, at CH3, we’ve got a few specialty drinks like our Cold Brew Latte and Cold Brew Mule.

Now these and other cold brew drinks are pretty easy to make at home using a cold brew concentrate. For the Cold Brew Latte you’re just going to dilute your cold brew with milk and a little bit of a simple syrup to get a beverage that you like in terms of strength and sweetness. Making an iced chai tea cold brew where you’re going to steep some condensed milk with some chai teas spices before adding your cold brew concentrate with ice is pretty simple too. And there’s also a way you can put your cold brew with some ginger beer or some sparkling water making a tonic or some kind of other sparkling beverage with it like our Cold Brew Mule.

So cold brew can really be whatever you want it to be. I hope some of these ideas will inspire you to experiment at home. And, I hope you have a little fun with it.